Friends on the road

Day 443 on the road with VanGar. 6 weeks in the apartment in Durres City, Albania. 1008 hours of missing life on the road while VanGar is parked at the parking lot opposite the apartment. Stationary.

And as the days stretch longer, I sometimes wonder if we will ever be save again to travel . No longer the questions of what are we going to see, which sights to go to, etc, as in times of Covid 19, travelling has become something strange anormaly . We no longer interact with people as before, less friendly or as warm.  People has become mere cautious and wary of each other. There are no longer the hearty handshakes or friendly hugs. Do we understand each other less? Does it make us lonelier? Would we enjoy our travel less, the experience less worthy?

We had a video call with the Wolfgang Gang last evening. These group of  people were our neighbours in Morocco. We all were in lockdown together at Takat Camping, in Agadir. From March to July of 2020, we cook, eat, wash dishes, swim, laugh and got stressed from the pandemic, together. We grew into each other. 

I am craving for such warmth again. Such connection with people you meet on the road instead of being cooped up in the apartment. Yes, the wifi is wonderful but there’s so much that you take in being productive, staring at the computer or Netflix ,or catching up with  politics on the news. Be “productive”. I dislike that word more and more.

I want to be able to drive that 500km to another beach or town. Or, cross 5 borders to visit a friend in Germany or Switzerland. The drive made possible because we travel with VanGar our home on wheels. Thats why we got the VanGar. A 23 year old motorhome with bathroom and toilet, stove for our meals and comfy bed to stare at the night sky from our windows. To travel as we please.

Well, we will have to leave Albania in 2 weeks. Where? We have an idea, but it is all that is…an idea. Our plans now depends on Covid 19. It dictates our next destination.

A new travel adventure awaits. 

I hope.


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