We started our Pan American trip on 18 June 2022. We fly from Singapore to Panama City where we found Kamilah. Kami meaning us and lah is a Singapore slang or Kamilah our bad ass villian in Queen of South. This picture was taken in Anton Valley in Panama, one of our favourite campsite. It is a hostel with kitchen facilities and nature all around.

We drove from Panama city to Costa Rica and we are currently in Nicaragua. It has been an amazing journey thus far despite the many challenges we had to face. We were stuck in the mud in Yeguada, faced 27 hours road block and protests along the Pan American highway in Panama, Kamilah got into tricky parking spots, almost drown in a storm in Costa Rica, and the many atrocious road with pebbels, stones, pot holes and flooded roads. The heat also wears us down at times.

Why did we do it? To see the world, experience other cultures, meet different people in the world. Travel while we can before we are too old to walk.

Stay tuned for more adventures. Will try to write more often. Leave a comment so we know someone is reading and gives us inspiration to share more.



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